Masjid Sultan is currently looking for Interns to join us.



ITE Cert, ‘A’ Levels or Diploma
Willing to learn

Interested applicants, please send your resume to 

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Mosque CLOSED to Visitors 19 Dec 2015

Please note that the mosque will be closed to visitors for renovation works on Saturday, 19 December 2015.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Seminar Seindah Solat Nabi

Masjid Sultan akan menganjurkan Seminar `Seindah Solat Nabi` pada hari ahad,17 Januari 2016 bermula jam 9 pagi hingga 5 petang disampaikan oleh Yang berbahagia Ustaz Mohd Yusri Yubhi Md Yusoff.

(Tiket akan mula di jual pada hari Isnin 14 Disember 2015)

Seminar ini diadakan sempena hari pembaikan Semula Masjid Sultan yang akan berlangsung selama tiga hari bermula […]

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Soft Launch of Mosque Lift and Muslimah Friday Prayers

With regards to our soft launch for the new glass lift, we are pleased to inform that with effect from 4 December 2015, our Muslimah Prayer Hall will be OPENED to Muslimahs for Friday Prayer.

Please note that entrance to the Prayer Hall for Muslimahs during that time will be via the glass lift only.

Please also note […]

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New Facebook and Instagram links

For updates regarding the mosque, please like us on our new Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram.

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Friday Prayers closed for Muslimah with effect from 14th August until further notice

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

Para jemaah sekalian,

Harap dimaklumkan bahawa bermula pada 14 Ogos 2015 (jumaat), Dewan Solat untuk MUSLIMAH akan di tutup untuk SOLAT JUMAAT sehingga waktu yang ditetapkan, disebabkan kerja-kerja ubahsuai yang tidak dapat dielakkan.
Harap dapat kongsi maklumat penting ini.

Terima Kasih

Due to ongoing renovation & hacking works, the MUSLIMAH Prayer Hall will be closed for FRIDAY […]

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Sempena Isra’ Mi’raj – 15hb Mei 2015 bermula jam 7.30 petang

“Sebuah perjalanan pada malam Isra’ Mi’raj yang membawa hikmah..”

InsyaAllah Masjid Sultan akan mengadakan program sempena Isra’ Mi’raj pada hari Jumaat ini, bermula jam 7.30 malam di Dewan Solat Masjid Sultan.

Semua dipersilakan hadir. Mohon kongsi maklumat untuk pengetahuan ramai.

Jazakumullah khair.

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LATEST UPDATE: Enjoy 3 times tax exemption benefits when you donate for Sultan Mosque Upgrading Project

Dear Jemaah, we have Good News for you!

All qualifying donations made in calendar years 2009 – 2018 will qualify for 2.5 times tax deduction.In addition, in conjunction with SG50, qualifying donations in 2015 will attract 3 times tax exemption benefits.


In order to enjoy tax exemption benefits, cheque donations (preferred) from individuals or corporate donors must be […]

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Dates for Monthly Qiyamulail @ Sultan Mosque

Qiyamulail programs will start at 3.30 am.

Things To Note:

Mosque will be open throughout the Friday night for jemaah to follow this Qiyamulail program.
Please ensure your belongings are kept safe and attended at all times.
Kindly maintain cleanliness at all times.

Thank you & May Allah swt bless.

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LATEST UPDATE: Enjoy 2.5 times tax relief when you donate for Sultan Mosque Upgrading Project

Tax Exemption Scheme

The Board of Trustees wishes to inform donors that the donations for Masjid Sultan can now enjoy tax relief of two and half times (2.5 times) of the sum donated.

In order to enjoy tax exemption benefits, cheque donations (preferred) from individuals or corporate donors must be made to this account

“PMF-Sultan Mosque”.

Alternatively, you may […]

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