Our Mosque is open to visitors during selected hours everyday. (Click here for more information.) Visitors will be greeted by any 2 of our Docents on duty each day at the main entrance to the mosque. Our Docents come from different racial backgrounds and are able to converse in languages such as English, Malay, Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, Spanish. (Language spoken varies with each Docent.) Here is a list of our rotating Docents on duty.

  1. Adam Foo Eng Yoong
  2. Aisyah Kondo Abdullah
  3. Badariah Nordin
  4. Badarina Ahmad
  5. Danial Chung
  6. Helena Marie Veen (Maryam)
  7. Lim Kok Hao Ivan (Iskandar)
  8. Masagoes Mohamed Ally
  9. Muhammad Amin Teo Abdullah
  10. Nur Azilah Pok Bte Abdullah
  11. Rashid Bin Annuar
  12. Rozanah Bte Mohamed
  13. Lopez Sapri Sabine Atika
  14. Zainoridah Ishak