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Maulid Ad-Dibaie – Friday 2nd January 2015

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LATEST UPDATE: Enjoy 2.5 times tax relief when you donate for Sultan Mosque Upgrading Project

Tax Exemption Scheme

The Board of Trustees wishes to inform donors that the donations for Masjid Sultan can now enjoy tax relief of two and half times (2.5 times) of the sum donated.

In order to enjoy tax exemption benefits, cheque donations (preferred) from individuals or corporate donors must be made to this account

“PMF-Sultan Mosque”.

Alternatively, you may […]

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QIYAMULAIL – 27 December 2014

Date/Tarikh: 27 December 2014, 5 RabiulAwal 1436H (Morning of Saturday)

Time/Masa: 3.30 AM

*Masjid akan dibuka sepanjang malam pada hari Jumaat (26hb Disember) bagi yang ingin menurut hadir program Qiyamulail.
*Mosque will be open throughout the night (on 26th December) for those who are interested to join in the Qiyamulail program.

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